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My Trip to the Water Pipe Store A bongs.eu.pn Post!

Early last Sunday I decided that I did not want to spend my Sunday the same way I had for years on end. Normally I would wrap up a joint every few hours and keep my high going all day. I'd never even spared a thought on using some sort of bong or pipe to smoke my herbs as what I knew about joints is that they worked. It wasn't flawless, it takes effort to roll one and I have to keep stocked up on papers etc, but it wasn't too much hassle. Looking back it seems that it was a little annoying. Things changed this Sunday for the better.

I browsed online with a certain requirement; I needed a delivery Tuesday latest, I knew no company dispatches on weekends so Tuesday had to be the quickest it could come. I would never step foot in a high street shop due to the judgement and embarrassment. I was and still am a private blazer. I found a really good website that could fill those specific needs of mine. Visit the HerbTools Water Pipe Store; herbtools.com and find out just how fast your order will arive. It was how you would expect too, discreet packaging and no hints to the internal contents of my package.

I am more than pleased with how smooth everything went and after taking some bong hits it made me wonder, why is the herb even illegal? Huffington Post made some great points such as "Alcohol kills 40,000 people every year in the U.S. Cannabis kills nobody." and "Colorado hasn’t been filled with people hacking their families to death yet."


Quick and Easy

No more rolling joints, no more running out of rolling papers! With bongs you are always ready to get your smoke on, any time, any day.

Cheap and Fast

These products can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. Just shop around and you will find something perfect!

Check Local Laws

We advise you to find out if bringing in a product from a bong shop is legal in your country. Contact your local council for questions on legality

Be ready for your delivery!

Our water pipes (click here) are not going to fit through a letter box, so make sure you are around on the day of delivery or you could miss your order!

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