Advantages of Water Pipes

Here we have a little page dedicated to this single device; the water pipe. If you do not currently know what one of these is then you are in for quite the journey! Buckle up and get ready to learn!

What makes for the best water pipe?

Curves, it is all about the curves. To decide on what makes the best bong we need to think about what the purpose is. After all, the definition of best would be whatever does the most thorough job. So if you did not already know, the purpose of water pipes is to create a cool and smooth smoke which the user will directly inhale. The smoke is cooled by water, so that makes we need a bong that has a large water chamber. Now here is some less well known knowledge. The curves that the smoke rubs agaisnt take away just as many toxins! We as I mentioned early, it is all about those bends!

What we are looking for is something with a giant water chamber and plenty of curves, preferably made from glass

Let me give you some sound advice, If you want the best then see the water pipes at herbtools. They have everything I described so you will be more than satisfied with the incredible range that they have on offer. You will be in safe hands when you buy through these chaps, I've spent a fair penny or two with them myself.

When you go to smoke with your pipe the first time, I recommend you fill the water level as high as you can to get the most filtration possible. If you went for a model that included percolators then the design may support these to also be filled with water, like little compartments.

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