Marijuana Seed Banks - Who is the Best?

seeds of cannabis

We all want to know the same question when we buy cannabis seeds, it doesn't really matter if it is our first time buying or not either, we want the best deal from the top supplier. It seems every year a new seed bank opens up and starts selling the same range, websites such as have had cannabis seeds for sale since the whole craze began online. For me it makes sense to stay with the best seed bank; even if they charge a little more. It has been known for these online shops to actually repackage the pricey branded ones for random crap. For this reason it is so cruical you pick a website that has been trusted for a number of years.

The youTube video shows an amazing plant growing up. It is a really long watch but if you wrap up a joint then I'm sure it will be worth it! If you want to get serious about locating weed seeds for sale then you really owt to be putting in all the effort when it comes to your research. Unless you live somewhere a little backwards that does not allow seed germination then you'll really need to understand what your plant needs. Cannabis is a tricky seed to crack, but the power of the internet always has your back! My website has a few started guides its self so it is worth a read.

I want to wish you all the luck in your search and remember to stay safe when shopping, paypal is always the most secure way to pay but for now that is now an option with anything weed related due to their terms and conditions, the next best is SagePay so look out for that logo when reaching out online for the best seed bank.

cannabis up close

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